Emotional Triage

        Emotional Triage Seminars focuses on empowering individuals who desire to excel in life but have reached a mental, spiritual and emotional plateau. Pain from a loss of a job, a loved one, or frustration can be seen in those around us more so than ever before. No one is exempt from pain but how you handle your pain will determine your successes in life.

Each seminar is structured to help individuals overcome issues of adversity, past abuses, low self esteem, misguided attitudes, anger management, poor performance and less than perfect goal setting one person at a time. Our seminars are catered to meet the demands of your young and young at heart audiences, whether Christian or secular.

Can your past dictate your future? Yes it can. How can this be? The answer is quite simple; your past WILL dictate your life by allowing your past to continue to control your behavior, your moods and your way of thinking. Can you change your negative outlook in life? Yes! How? It's a choice to cognitively change your perception of life and negative thoughts.

Anyone can break free from negative thoughts that hold them in their pain, but it is a choice. WE have the power of choice and with that power, come responsibility and accountability for self. By changing your attitude of life one can begin to live a purposeful life and lead others to do the same.