The Inspiration Behind Emotional Triage

Throughout Ms. Keli’s life, she did not know how to function because of her past. Adversity was all that Ms. Keli knew until 1996 when she chose to take control of her thoughts and actions by cognitively releasing ALL her abusers and past hurts. It was a choice that ultimately changed her life. Now, Ms. Keli is a Nationally recognized dynamic speaker, Behavior Health Intervention Specialist and leader within her community, leading women and men into recovery from their past hurts.

Ms. Keli's choice to change helped her achieve a new life and have healthy relationships which allowed her to leave the past where it needs to be…in the past. She chose to live in the NOW. Ms. Keli has achieved many life goals. She is an entrepreneur, former Make-Up Artist & FX working with high profile actors and music artists, Bible Instructor, Christian Counselor and mentor.

In addition, Ms. Keli is working on achieving her academic goals to eventually obtain her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Not only is she living a life of passion and purpose, she is passing her love, expertise and excitement in the healing process in cognitive workshops to hurting women and men recover from their past.

Ms. Keli believes that all things are possible through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:13) therefore, we must not live under circumstance but rather rise above them because we are in Him and through Him all things are possible.  "Leaders know how to remove the "IM" in (impossible) so that all things may be POSSIBLE."

Only you have the power to MAKE a Change!!! Focus on your vision and find the power within, but the choice is yours...