Methodology & Benefits of Emotional Triage Seminars

The Emotional Triage-series are structured for audiences struggling with issues of less than perfect attitudes, low performance and poor goal settings. Your audience will leave our presentation/workshop understanding the importance of a vision, goal setting and the power to dream big.

Your audience will also learn to exercise their power to take control of their emotions through Christ, their image, and a different perception of life to explore new visions for their future. Change your perception and you can make a difference in your life and the lives around you.


Fun, interactive and yet thought provoking approach will be used to reach your audience. This will allow the opportunity to reflex, develop a vision for their future, and develop cognitive processes to master negative thoughts using biblical methods. Individuals will be empowered with tools to delete programs instilled by others and create new ones for themselves by giving P.E.A.C.E a chance and learn to:

  • Prepare a life map
  • Explore the possibilities
  • Allow change
  • Clarity to achieving goals
  • Eliminate fears of achieving your goals

Please contact Sangman Lee for more information on seminars, booking or press kits at 562-726-4626.


 “Vivionne helped me realize my true potential, I was homeless, scared and alone and she showed me to take care of myself, now, I am living in my own apartment, living life one day at a time and off the streets for over three years.”

M.M. Sacramento, CA


“What can I say, I am still working on my issues but Vivionne has shown me that I am loved and that I can do anything if I apply my mind.”

D.M. Palm Springs, CA


“You are awesome and inspirational, I got to see who I am really and now, I have an excellent relationship, new job and looking forward to life each day.”

N.A. La Verne, CA


“My husband is a clinical Psychologist from a healthy family, I am a marriage child and family Therapist from a dysfunctional family and I know the healing power of forgiveness. You will make an awesome psychologist! People who’ve “been there & back” are compassionate & insightful.” Thank you!

P.P. Redlands, CA