Emotional Triage

            Emotional Triage Seminars and Workshops focuses on empowering individuals who desire to excel in life but have reached mental, spiritual and emotional plateaus. Pain from a loss of a job, suffering from the results of adverse childhood experiences, the death of a loved one, or dealing with past hurts can be seen in those around us more so than ever before. No one on this planet is exempt from pain but how one handles their pain will determine their successes in life.


·         Seminars have been specifically structured to provide cognitive tools to help individuals overcome issues of adversity, past abuses, low self-esteem, misguided attitudes, anger management, poor performance and less than perfect goal settings one person at a time or for large groups.


·        Workshops are created to meet the needs of your targeted audiences (i.e. teachers, clergy, social service providers, & mental health providers). Workshops range hourly (minimum 2 hour event), full days and weekend packages are available. We modify our workshops for secular and Christian organizations.

Audiences will leave our seminars and workshops understanding how the past can dictate someone’s future and how to break free from negative thinking. Seminars allow individuals to understand that anyone can break free from negative thoughts that hold them in their pain, but it is a choice. We have the power of choice and with that power, come responsibility and accountability for self. By changing ones attitude of life one can begin to live a purposeful life and lead others to do the same.

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