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KCSI - Studio with Jerry Dietz  January 16, 2017 at 10:30 AM

Family Radio Interview -Behavioral Health Intervention Specialist - Vivionne G. Keli

They Overcame By Show, Interview - Vivionne Keli on (Charlie Charlie)

ONLINE SHOWS (Archived) - Vivionne Keli's The Reborn Identity

COMPLETE - The Re-Born Identity Blog Talk Radio Pod Cast  - Vivionne G. Keli & Ruthy Munoz

Some of our RBI guests include:

Mike & Gayle Tucker - Mad About Marriage

JoAnne Funch - Is There A Right Way To Grieve?

Danny & Charmaine Vierra - Are You What You Eat?

Steve Wohlberg, Speaker & Author - Tick Tock Are You Ready? Apocalyptic Expert

Scott Mayer, Speaker - A High-jacked Mind and the Mind Blowing Ransom

Samantha Nelson, Advocate - Can You Trust God After Pastoral Sexual Abuse?

Mother Love, Speaker & Author - When Sweetness Becomes Poison

Dr.Bradley Nelson, Author - Is There A Code To Wellness?

Deborah Pegues, Author - Best Selling Author, Deborah Pegues on her book 'Taming Your Tongue in 30 Days'

Donna Pyle - The Power and Freedom of Forgiveness


University of Phoenix Focus Magazine    

Red Oak Express Newspaper 


Witchcraft in the Church - Vivionne Keli